by Chris Nitti

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Recorded January-May 2017

Everything recorded and mixed by me except:

"Here With You" Mixed by Owen Gall (Coconut Email)

Hype//Sage Records


released June 8, 2017



all rights reserved


Chris Nitti New Jersey

If you're here for good music, you've come to the wrong place

Instagram: @chrisnitti

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Track Name: Try
I'm walking around
Blank-faced and staring out
But then you cross my vision
my mind's no longer barren

You're standing there
And I can't help but stare you down
Then your head turns towards me
And my eyes quickly dart away

There's not much in my head
There's only an image I have of you
Sometimes I wish it would run away
But most of the time I don't really mind

You glide in the room
What should I say, what should I do?
Time is racing by
Is it even worth a try?
Track Name: Sabatoge
Take a look around
Look what you have done
We're all feeling down
Now we have no fun
Track Name: Here With You
We're hanging out with nothing to do
I'm lost so I look to you
All you do is look back at me
Then you say, "What will it be?"

Let's go take a walk in the park
Maybe we can hang 'til it's dark
I don't really care what we do
As long as I'm here with you

Wandering about under the sun
There's no doubt that we're not done
We don't want this day to end
We're brainstorming ways to extend

Let's lie down and look at the sky
Watch the clouds as they pass us by
I don't really care what we do
As long as I'm here with you
Track Name: Wish
I wish that I was confident in myself
I feel like I am far too critical
It does nothing other than bring me down

I wish that I could work up my confidence
So maybe I can have little talk with you
And ask you how you are and what you think of me
Track Name: Stay With Me
Is there a way
That you could stay?
I just thought you should know
I don't want you to go
Track Name: Quit
I know
It's not gonna get much easier
I hope
Life doesn't get much sneakier
Cause I can't deal with this
I might have to call it quits

I know
It's gonna get a lot harder
I hope
I can find the will to be stronger
Cause it's hard to deal with this
But I know I can't call it quits
Track Name: Close
All of my friends
Are going away
And I hate to say
So long and goodbye

I think I want it
To come to a close
But there are other times
Where I just don't know

We're going in different directions
But let's not lose connection
I've known you guys forever
And it'd kill me to see you never again
Track Name: Slow
In the blink of an eye it's gone
And yet you still wanna move on
All you wanna do is go
I think I'd rather take it slow

All of these memories
One by one are passing by me
I really wish these times would last
Life is moving way too fast